Friday, May 22, 2015

TECHmunch, NYC, And SEO

These cupcakes are perfect since I am in the Big Apple this week. Yesterday I was at TECHmunch. While we didn't have cupcakes, we did have lots of delicious food.

If you want to see tweets, photos and videos from TECHmunch, then check out the Seen I created.
Apple Cupcakes

Also, if you want to improve the SEO of your site, check out these 10 tips by Matthew Capala.  He knows SEO.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cupcakery Review: The Velvet Cupcake Cafe, Columbia, MO

On a road trip to St. Louis from Kansas City this weekend, I finally had a chance to stop by The Velvet Cupcake Café, located in the Tiger Hotel in Columbia, MO.  The shop is small, but includes breakfast and lunch items and a few tiny tables.  The cupcake display was nice and the cupcakes looked great - large, gourmet and beautifully decorated.

There were 9 flavors at lunchtime on Sunday when we were there, so I decided to try one of each and was told that with a purchase of 10, I'd get 2 free, so we ended up getting three doubles to take to friends when we arrived back in KC.

From the top left: Orange, Peanut Butter Fudge, Almond Joy, Triple Chocolate, Lemon Blueberry, Red Velvet, Carrot Cake, Triple Chocolate, Lemon Blueberry, Peanut Butter Fudge, Tiramisu, Wedding Cake
Unfortunately, there wasn't much to like past just looking at them.  Most of them were dry and none of them were filled.  The red velvet was the driest and that flavor was just added to the display as we watched.  The cream cheese frosting that was on a few of them was the runniest, blandest icing I've ever tasted.  The frosting on the rest was very grainy.  The runny frosting was on the tiramisu cupcake, which kind of went with that style of dessert, so I didn't mind it as much there and the cake itself had espresso baked it and generally good taste.  The blueberries had all settled to the bottom of the dry, flavorless vanilla cake of the lemon blueberry. The carrot cake itself was chunky (in a good way) and flavorful, so this was one of the rare occasions that I went back for seconds on cake, not frosting.  All in all, they were attractive to look at, but the execution left a lot to be desired.

Sorry to say I won't be stopping there again, but I did like the innovative dozen tray they came in.  If I still had my own cupcake business, I'd be inclined to ask who their supplier is.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

On The Town In Atlanta: Fado Irish Pub Midtown

Irish pubs in the States have moved way beyond the typical bar like the one depicted in the sitcom, Cheers. Some are gastropubs whichare now known as much for their food as well as drink. Fado Irish Pub which has a location in Buckhead, recently opened a second Atlanta location in the heart of Midtown at 8th St and Peachtree St. Monday night, I attended a media event where I got to sample some whiskey, appetizers and bite-sized desserts.Mini Shephard's Pie
It may be shaped like a cupcake, but it's a mini shephard pie.
Smoked Salmon App
Smoked Salmon With Capers Appetizer
Red Pepper Hummus
Red Pepper Hummus

I am more of a bourbon gal than a whiskey woman until Monday evening. I sampled Tullamore DEW and I really liked it. It smoother than Glenfiddich in my opinion.
Tullamore DEW, Glenfiddich.
A highlight of the evening was getting a personalized Guinness pint glass. Guinness Pint Glass
BTW, Guinness cupcakes are very popular for groomsmen's cakes for weddings. Here's a recipe for Guinness cupcakes from Suzy Bakes.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vermont Bakery For Sale For $75 (Sort Of)

This is a new take on crowdfunding by DreamBroker Industries. A Vermont bakery is now on the market for the low price of $75, an essay (just 100 words this time!), and your very best cupcake recipe.

Mix Cupcakerie and Kitchen is a charming shop in Waitsfield that has been selling comfort food and cupcakes and catering local events for the past two years. But now, owner Carole Keleher's family is relocating to Cape Cod, and she needs to find a suitable owner to take over not just the storefront but the business as well—as quickly as possible. She decided the best way to do so was to charge interested applicants just $75. For that price, aspiring bakers will receive: The 800 square foot storefront; everything in the fully-stocked kitchen down to the pots and pans; all of Keleher's popular recipes; 80 hours of training from Keleher herself; and the first two months rent, utilities, ingredients, and payroll for the existing two employees.

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes

Rich chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting and mini peanut butter cup topper via Yeasaris

Peanut Butter Cup-cake

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

KC Royals BATS Crown Club Cupcake Review

Yesterday, my husband and I treated ourselves to the best seats in the house to watch our Royals play for our anniversary.  These seats include upscale all you can eat food and drink and there was a dessert buffet that included cupcakes, so of course I had to review them for you all.

They were well executed, if not gourmet style and for the price (FREE or not really, because it's just included in your original ticket price), you can't argue with their size and variety - just vanilla, chocolate and red velvet.  However, we tried two and they were moist and delicious!  The cakes had a homemade consistency and good flavor, but the frostings really stood out.  They were not light and fluffy, but creamy and rich and the cream cheese balance was just right on the red velvet cake and the vanilla cake icing sported (see what I did there?) actual vanilla bean flecks.  The little chocolate straws and mini white chocolate chips on top may not require a lot of decorating skills, but the aesthetic and taste were a perfect addition.

So, yes, if you ever find yourself at the BATS Crown Club, do try the cupcakes, but really, why wouldn't you try one of everything in that situation (like I tried and almost succeeded in doing)?  And if you need another reason to buy these seats, here is our view inside and out:

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Piñata Cake and Cupcakes

Wow! This piñata cake and cupcakes are super cool and perfect for Cinco de Mayo. Amanda Cupcake posted the recipe and instructions on her blog.
Pinata Cake

Look at the cupcakes below!
Pinata Cupcakes

Monday, May 04, 2015

Horchata Cupcakes For Cinco De Mayo

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. What started as a historical Mexican holiday is now more like a drinking holiday. It's the May version of St. Patrick's Day.  I love Mexican food. I used to live in a neighborhood in Brooklyn where a Mexican restaurant was across the street. Tamales, tortas and tacos were food I could buy on the street. A Mexican bakery is called a panaderia, and you can find sweet breads called orejas and conchas. Many make elaborate sheet cakes for bakeries, but I have not seen Horchata cupcakes at a panaderia. For I posted a recipe for horchata cupcakes. If you can, use fresh horchata in your cupcakes.

You make it yourself or perhaps buy some horchata from a local Mexican restaurant or deli. If neither of these are an option, then you can make instant horchata. Klass makes a good  horchata mix. Klass is like the Kool-Aid of Mexican drink mixes. Also if you want to make your horchata cupcakes a little boozy, you can substitute vanilla extract with Malibu Rum. The coconut flavor compliments the horchata and cinnamon well. Enjoy!